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Welcome to egosurfers¹
from around the world

¹ egosurf
intransitive verb To search the net for your name or links to your web pages.

This site contains just some of the names and photos of people I've had the pleasure of calling family, friends or acquaintances
They are divided into categories to enable you to quickly locate yourself amongst the selection of names
Perhaps one day, I'll work out how to include some sort of search facility, but for now...

And just in case anyone's forgotton what I look like, I thought I'd share a few pics of myself over the years

One final note...
There will undoubtedly be a few names missing from the lists and this is in no way intended as any sort of insult. I have been through photo albums and racked my brain for ages to come up with the names given. If anyone reading this can't find themselves and wants to be part of this site, please drop me an e-mail.