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Last updated: 25th February 2022

Welcome back - or if you're a first time visitor ... Welcome.
Clicking here will bring up a month by month selection of our activities - people we've met, places we've been and any important milestones.

Many of the photos shown are only small. This allows us to show a lot more of them but it does mean that they're not always great for printing out. If there are any photos you'd like a copy of, just let us know and we'll e-mail you a high resolution copy which will print out much better.

Note: If you want to print the whole entry for any particular month, instead of clicking on the month with the left button, use the right button and select 'Open in New Window'. This will get rid of the list down the left hand side and should mean that the page prints out nicely.

Finally, check out these morphs and look out for a small selection of home movies which will start to appear now that we've secured a bit more web-based storage space. Enjoy.