December 2016

No 'house' photos were shared last month - but we are making (slow) progress on finishing things off. For example, we've put some shelves up in the newly formed corridor between the upstairs landing and the master bedroom. We've taken to calling it The Library - partly because its a convenient way of referring to the place but also because it winds Matthew up as he insists that books on shelves alone doesn't constitute a library. Ah well.

The painting is pretty much finished now - just a few leftover bits of skirting board and some doors to finish off. It's certainly taken a while - and quite a lot of paint...

The kitchen is also pretty much finished with blinds up in the front windows and curtains ordered for the dining room end.

Unfortunately, a little setback arose in early December when a particularly cold snap, with temperatures dropping to minus 6, caused our newly installed outside tap to freeze and burst. Sadly, the leak was sprung inside the house and Megan returned from work one day to find a centimetre or so of water across all of the laundry floor and most of the office. Frustration at our own ineptitude for not isolating the outside pipework soon gave way to disappointment when the insurance assessor determined that the whole floor (which runs right through the kitchen and dining room too) would need to come up to be checked and replaced where necessary.
We cleaned up as best we could and decided to hold off on having the work done until after Christmas. As it has turned out, we couldn't have started much sooner anyway as the insurance company and the flooring provider are still haggling over the replacement cost. Ah well, guess that's why we all have insurance...

Onto Christmas then and another few festive outings for Chris supporting the Rotary Club Christmas Collection. Despite sporting an extra-thick folded duvet this year to provide some padding, there were still comments about Santa being a bit tall and thin but the explanation that most of the pictures people see of Santa were after Christmas when all of the mince pies around the world had been eaten seemed to help allay some of the concerns.

We went up to Southport the weekend before Christmas to catch up with the wider family and celebrate Martin and Chris's Dad's birthday. It was then quite a quiet affair at home on Christmas Day with Megan's Mum joining us for most of the day.

Clare and family joined us for New Year which we spent round at our neighbours', Sarah and Mark's, although at the last minute both Megan and Martin were struck down by a perculiar bug which ruined most of the evening for them. Fortunately, both were much better by the following day which meant they had the opportunity to help finish the enormous mountain of food and drink that had been laid on the night before. Happy New Year.