November 2016

Short and sweet this month...
... and we start with a photo actually taken at the end of September but which we only got a decent copy of in November. Yes, its the kids' first joint school photo for a couple of years and, apart from Matthew looking like his shirt and blazer are a few sizes too big it turned out quite well.

Towards the end of the month, Megan and her friends took themselves off for a shopping weekend in Reading with a night away. Plenty of photos taken of various outfits being tried on - not really what this photo record is all about - but here's three of the girls, Sarah, Kate and Vicci enjoying a quick tipple in the hotel before hitting the town.

Meanwhile, Cassandra has taken the opportunity of a Mum-free kitchen to go all out with an elaborate three-course meal including various home made dips and all sorts of other treats. Fortunately, Chris's folks were on hand to enjoy the feast (and to help with the inevitably enormous clean-up operation).