November 2014

After all the fun and excitement of a half term holiday, November flew by in the blink of an eye. So fast, in fact, that the camera doesn't appear to have caught up with Cassandra at all for a whole month. Fortunately, Matthew has been on the case - sometimes even taking matters into his own hands...

... and sometimes sharing some more phone-cam fun with Mum.

And whilst Cassandra is busying herself with what feels like several hours of homework every night, Matthew still finds time to play with his lego - here attempting to recreate the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars, resulting in a structure over a metre long which he could barely carry. Good effort though - with only a bit of structural engineering help from Dad.

Matthew doesn't feature in the next photos though - in fact, no-one does. We had the neighbours round to share some bonfire night fun, including a hot supper, a bonfire and some fireworks. Unfortunately, the wood was a bit damp and the fire didn't really get going but the fireworks went off as intended.

... All of which brings us neatly to Christmas ... well, almost. Just half-way through the month and it was time to turn on the town Christmas Lights. A number of local schools did a little performance throughout the day and Matthew joined his school's Glee Club to sing some carols.

... but better still, he accompanied the first one on the violin; a first public performance which went very well.

Matthew Violin at Christmas