September 2014

September. Back to school - and finally 'big school' for Cassandra and a first day at Farnham Heath End.
Actually, she's been ready for the move for ages though was understandably apprehensive about being so petite compared to everyone else in the school. Even her brand new blazer is a little too big ... but that's the smallest size they make. She'll grow into it....

Around this time last year, Chris and some colleagues from work climbed Snowdon in the pouring rain. This year, they headed for Helvellyn in the Lake District and enjoyed much better weather.

They walked from Glenridding up to the summit of Helvellyn via a route called 'Striding Edge' which is not for the faint hearted as there are pretty steep drops down both sides. Oh, and whilst it looks like it was a bit windy up there, it really wasn't too bad and Chris was forced to rock the backpack containing the flagpole from side to side so that you could see the flags flying.

To get some good publicity photos from the event, Chris had all the participants wearing lettered bibs enabling a variety of words and phrases to be spelled out during the climb.

It was also the day that the results of the Scottish Independence vote were announced so they also attempted to recreate a famous historical photo whilst at the summit.
Everyone had a great day and between the team they raised over 3000 for charity.

Thanks to The Great British Bake Off Cassandra is wanting to spend more and more time in the kitchen preparing all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes - and she even has home economics classes now at school so she gets even more opportunities to practice. Here she is chopping some onions, having made some preparations to avoid the tears.

Cooking isn't her only talent. She's been working hard at her trampolining over the last year or so and recently entered her first competition. In a group of novices aged 10+, she managed a creditable third place which she was delighted with.
Here's the happy end result...

... and here is the second of the two routines.

Cassandra Trampolining Bronze

But where's Matthew been all this month I hear you ask. Well, he's been around - he just didn't manage to feature in any photos. We did manage a couple of videos though. Firstly, he and Cassandra created and performed a rather bizarre combination of gymnastics, dance and weaponry in the garden one day, perhaps inspired by former Britain's Got Talent winners Spellbound. Anyway, they had fun ...

Garden Gymnastics

And finally, just to make sure he gets a little bit of limelight all to himself, here's a snippet from some recent Violin practice...

Matthew Violin