May 2014

May was a very civilized month - full of the joys of an English summer (albeit still only Spring). Firstly, Matthew has now played in a few proper cricket matches as part of a team and when the family visited for Chris's birthday we all went over to Yately to watch a game in the warm sunshine.
And they won, too.

The weather stayed kind all through Chris's birthday weekend and his main present was something else to use in the great outdoors - a chainsaw. Plenty of time between now and next winter to restock the log-store.

At the end of the month, we went to the Acoustic Festival of Britain - a music festival in Uttoxeter, Derbyshire. To the kids, the music was just a backdrop to fun activities like face-painting, balloon modelling, circus skills and craft. To Megan it was a backdrop to catch up on some light reading and for Chris it was an excuse to sit with a beer and relax.

There was a great mix of artists and styles of music - plenty of folk music with Headliners Seth Lakeman and Fairport Convention plus some big bands, classic pop from The Animals and even rock music with The Counterfeit Stones - although they admitted that they didn't normally get invited to acoustic events.
The whole thing was fairly civilized with most people relaxing in their camping chairs and moving them en-masse from one stage to another as they followed particular bands around.

The highlight of the weekend for Chris was his very own guest spot on the main stage - albeit shared with fifty other ukulele players who'd attending some jamming sessions and workshops over the weekend. They played three songs and were on and off in less than 15 minutes but everyone enjoyed it. Cassandra joined in too - although she only managed to confidently learn one chord, but that didn't stop her getting front and centre.

Here's an extract from the last song they played...

Ukulele Fun