January 2012

Not sure what it is about January but even with Cassandra getting a new camera for Christmas, its been hard work again finding enough material for this month's entry. Fortunately, Matthew's school project this term requires him to get out and about round town and find things to write about. Perhaps the closest point of interest to our place is an old military training installation or Redan originally built back in the 1850s and now maintained by the local council.

Actually, if you count the town's cemetary as a point of interest that would win the prize for being closer since its right over the back garden wall. Dead quiet though, we really don't hear a peep from our neighbours on that side.

So that's it. Okay, very nearly it. Fortunately, the very end of the month always provides a photo opportunity as its Matthew's birthday. This year, he opted for a ten-pin bowling party. Cassandra had her hair done specially (Mummy found a new web-site with lots of step-by-step guides to exotic hairstyles). Here are two of the better ones so far...

Anyway, the party was great.

Matthew 7th Birthday Party

The birthday cake was a great success too, with all of the children recognising Fumble from the internet sensation that is Moshi Monsters
The day after the party with lots of icing left over, the kids were let loose to try and re-create some more of the Moshi characters. Here's the cake and a selection of the other creations.....